Innovation Guide #3
Create a corporate foresight ability

In this innovation guide, the team will begin building the mindset and skill set underlying a corporate foresight ability. The tools that the team will learn and apply range across connecting, envisioning, and discovering — the earliest of the innovation stages.

Questions We're Asking

• How can our team learn to collect, analyze and advance the insights we need?
• How do we create a sense of curiosity and anticipation across the entire organization?
• When should we advance an idea from "just talk" through prototyping to investment?

Answers We Seek

• The class of innovation we're pursuing (radical, disruptive, architectural, continuous)
• The partners and skills we possess and those we need to collect and develop
• The type of insights we'll discover at each milestone and when these milestones allow us to advance in the process

Milestone #1 — As a team, decide on the class of innovation we want to pursue with the DARPA Hard Test

Download the worksheet, watch the video, then walk your team through the tool to get a quick answer.

The DARPA HARD TEST provides a framework for gauging the breakthrough potential of our team’s innovation idea.

1. As a team, score our idea on the four DARPA HARD gauges:
• Far-reaching — The solution requires a completely new mental model, passing through a paradigm shift.
• Technically Challenging — The goal is almost technically impossible without becoming “magical.”
• Multidisciplinary — The solution requires multiple bodies of knowledge that rarely exist within one industry.
• Actionable — The right people can see a path to the impossible and can make progress beginning today.
• Note: Use the anchors at the top & bottom of the gauges to help the team understand the extremes of each measure.

2. While there is no “correct” score, as a team we can discuss:
• Do we all agree on the scores we gave our idea?
• Which measure should we attempt to advance further in order to beat our potential competitors?
• Who on the team leads the advancement of each measure?
• Should we consider aiming lower on one of the metrics to get to market faster…as a simpler solution...or with the skills we have?

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