Innovation Guide #14
Develop a vision everyone can join

In this innovation guide, your team will begin building the mindset and skill set underlying a corporate foresight ability. The tools that your team will learn and apply range across connecting, envisioning, and discovering — the earliest of the innovation stages. In this innovation guide, the team will begin developing an actionable, inclusive vision statement. The vision statement is a critical tool for the front end of innovation. Skills include insight gathering, opportunity definition, iteration, and crafting the vision to share.

Questions We're Asking

• How can we collect our insights, abilities and goals into a cogent set of milestones and goal?
• How do we create a comprehensive vision that everyone in our organization can feel invested in, while allowing for the ambiguity we'll face?
• How do we fill in the missing parts of our vision, with a goal of converting uncertainty into testable questions?

Answers We Seek

• A formal Vision Statement (a precursor to the Elevator Pitch)
• The knowledge we need to hit the initial milestones, and what we're doing today to achieve them
• The resources and partners we need to achieve our milestones and vision

Milestone #1 — As a team, run through the Vision Statement to collect what we know and the questions we need to answer

Download the worksheet, watch the video, then walk your team through the tool to get a quick answer.

The VISION STATEMENT is a framework for capturing and communicating a simple, compelling story that conveys our goal, our assumptions, strategy and how we’re taking action, today.

1. Gather the team at a white board, or just grab a friend and head to the nearest cafe.

2. Complete the story:
vision… how will we change the world? our industry?
because… why was our idea unimaginable before today?
changed… what changed? is it our team? society? tech?
people… how will people change once we deliver?
milestone… what question will be answer first?
partners… who want to help us? (Name names!)
next step…what are we doing today to make it real?

3. Begin sharing the vision with friends, colleagues and partners — ask for their feedback. Capture their insights.

4. Do a deep dive into each aspect the vision to iterate, refine, and keep the vision fresh.

HINT: Print a copy of our vision on poster paper and hang it in an obvious place. Every time we tell the vision to a potential hire, investor, or customer, bring the whole team together to discuss the feedback and how to iterate the story. (Hint: The story can always be simplified. Do not complicate it!)

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