Innovation Guide #17
Complete a deep customer study

In this innovation guide, the team will discover, interview and analyze the range of 'customers' — including stakeholders, actual users, and the person who 'buys' the solution. Includes the creation of foundational questions, the development of an interview and associated prototocol, running the interviews, and analyized the date with a goal of answering the "what, how and why" of the follow-on design.

Questions We're Asking

• Who are the various 'customers' whose thinking, actions and emotions we need to collect and understand?
• What are the core questions we need to understand from the stakeholders, end users and customers?
• How do we develop and run a set of interviews that validate our thinking and help us advance the questions we're asking?

Answers We Seek

• A model of the stakeholders, partners, gatekeepers, users, purchasers and enablers who compose our 'customers'
• The interview questions, interviewing model, and associated prototocols for collection, analysis, and follow-on
• "Our users," broadly defined, that influence and feed our design work, business strategies, and go-to-market

Milestone #1 — COMING MAY 1, 2017

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