Innovation Guide #34
Advance an idea through prototypes

In this innovation guide, the will use multiple prototypes, iteration, and reflection to attack the quesiton, "How do we know whether we have a good idea?" The approach follows the circular design program pioneered in Stanford Design and popularized by the innovation consultancy IDEO.

Questions We're Asking

• How do we know if our idea is "good," and how can we advance the idea?
• How can we answer the important questions — customer, feature, function — quickly?
• How do we explore this idea tangibly, making progress at each step, cheaply, efficiently and in a way we can engage stakeholders and users?

Answers We Seek

• Increasing knowledge of the important questions we need to answer in order to bring our idea to market
• The critical user, function and experience for our idea as it becomes a market solution
• Tangible examples of our idea — in multiple formats — which we can put before potential customers

Milestone #1 — COMING MAY 1, 2017

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