Playbook for Strategic Foresight & Innovation

Welcome to a guide for the strategic manager, who is responsible for innovation. The playbook is packed with multiple methods and techniques, step-by-step instructions, tips, examples, case studies, and more. All available for free download.

Whether innovation means finding the next market, describing the future customer, or developing an amazing team who can reliably take new visions to new markets, this playbook addresses two essential topics:

  • How to create a radical idea that becomes a new business, product, or service,
  • How to build an organization that supports the ongoing development of radical ideas.

Complete free workbook

All the material in the playbook is designed to be practical and straightforward for the self-guided learner. Those looking for quick solutions can start anywhere. Those looking to build an integrated and repeatable practice will want to start at the beginning to understand the broader framework. See related material below.
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I like the whole playbook idea because it addresses real-life activities and development. You can apply these tools anywhere and anytime.
— Raine Hermans, Ph.D., Director, Strategic Intelligence, Tekes (Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation)

Tekes interviews

Hear Dr. Raine Hermans and Dr. Christopher Palmberg from Tekes—the Finnish funding agency for technology and innovation—explain how the Playbook will boost innovation in the Finnish economy.  
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Case studies

Multiple case studies are presented throughout the playbook for deeper insight into how various companies have applied the methods or approached long-range planning.  
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Instructional videos

Multiple short videos are available that introduce the playbook, explain how to approach the content, and highlight several case studies, among other topics.
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Method worksheets

Multiple ready-to-use templates are provided as worksheets that you can use directly, print out, or paste into your preferred software.
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Yle teams work on constantly evolving projects, using a mix of best practices, intuition, and other tools to help them plan their next ideas. The methodology from the playbook was well defined, covering all major dimensions of foresight and vision strategy, and well supported with examples. By using the methods, our teams identified possible opportunity areas more quickly and systematically.
— Petri Home, innovation manager, Yle

Additional help and application

Some of you may have further questions and/or ideas about how to use the playbook material at work, in the classroom, or in other ways. Please review a short list of the most commonly asked questions to start.
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Sponsors and development team

Sponsored by Tekes (the Finnish funding agency for technology and innovation) and the Lahti School of Inovation at the Lappeenranta University of Technology in Finland, the playbook was developed in partnership with the Foresight & Innovation program at Stanford Unviersity and the Innovation Leadership Board.

The majority of innovation is triggered by immediate practical contexts; however, practice-based innovation needs a future-oriented direction. Therefore, proper foresight tools are essential in creating prosperous innovation. It was a great pleasure for LUT Lahti School of Innovation to team up with experts from Stanford University and Silicon Valley to build a practical workbook of foresight tools for companies.
— Vesa Harmaakorpi, D.SC. (Tech.), Dean of Technology Management and Professor of Innovation Systems, Lahti School of Innovation, Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT), Finland

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