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Dr. Tamara Carleton, CEO of ILB
Playbook for Strategic Foresight and Innovation

The Playbook for Strategic Foresight & Innovation

Get your FREE copy of our Playbook, which contains over 200+ pages of cases, methods & tools that enable you to build an foresight mindset and innovation skill set in your organization. The Playbook is your FREE hands-on guide to building a more innovative organization.

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Prior Work Experience

ILG has worked with a broad range of companies around the world to create an unfair advantage using foresight-led innovation. Across fortune 500 and SMEs, universities and startups, this experience spans a variety of disciplines, from work culture and spaces to technologies, products, and services.

ILG Experience

Delivering Continuous Innovation

Our foresight-led, innovation tools and platform provide your team with ongoing innovation support – from quick bursts to 12+ months – based on best practices to scale learning.

Proven Workflows

When teams need guidance or are stuck, our innovation guides provide workflows that offer the “proven path” on what to do next. These guides include quick video tutorials, step-by-step worksheets, and tool templates.

Foresight Innovation Toolset

Our proprietary tools and techniques are designed explicitly for team innovation. Developed in the late 1990s with teams at Apple Computer, DARPA, and Eastman Kodak, thousands of teams around the world have applied our foresight-led model of innovation.

Hands-on Practice

Our platform integrates hand-on workshops to prepare, engage, and encourage teams to refine skills in co-creation and collaboration. We can lead workshops or work with your group to design effective innovation workshops.

Coaching on Demand

Do you have a coaching model? We maintain a global network of innovation coaches, who can accelerate your team collaboration, certify internal trainers and coaches, and deliver faster innovation results with higher quality.

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